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Self Tuning System (STB) Locked

£478.80 £359.99 (inc VAT)

5.0 average, based on 7 reviews

Manufacturer: FR&RTuning

Product Information

The STB (Intelligent Self Tuning System) is a revolutionary device, with this system you have the ability to not only programme your own car but also swap between 3 different maps, these can range from original, economy, power and race, for the first time giving the end user total control over the software within their cars ECU.

You simply install the software that comes with the STB and select your vehicle, you then read the ECU data and email this direct to us and within 1 hour (during normal opening hours) you will have your modified files returned and ready for you to load too the STB and then onto your car.

There are many reasons why you should chose the STB, the price is around the same cost many other tuning companies charge for just a single remap, the flexibility to be able to chose the software on your car and alter between maps at the touch of a button, the knowledge that the STB is covered by our warranty and insurance. The STB can also be used again on another car, we will provide you with new ECU software for your new car for a small fee. If you modifiy your car e.g. bigger turbo, injectors, etc we can also modify the ECU software to suit your car, again there will be a small fee for this.

£299.99+VAT Delivered UK mainland! Cheapest in the country

Click here to download support car list

Click here to download the PC Software V3.980

Click Here to Download Win8 64bit DRIVER

Click Here to Download Win8.1 64Bit DRIVER


Listing price is for general roadcars, please enquire if you have a supercar or a any engine bigger than 3.2 V6, either diesel or petrol as prices may vary.

Listing is for 1X STB system + 1x Stage1 Re-Calibrated ECU Tune (economy or power), device will hold all 3 files (original, eco and power).

This unit is locked to FR&RTuning and only we can make ECU software for this unit.


Product Code: SEL7167

Customer Reviews

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STB on Audi A4 2.0 TFSI

What a difference a map makes! Superb mid range torque, how it should have been from factory! Brilliant customer service, when I was experiencing I.T difficulties the guys went out of their way to sort my issues out! They even worked late on a Friday so can't fault the service or the product. Thanks FR&R, very happy!

Chris Edwards :: Feb 22 2014, 01:00 AM

2003 BMW E46 320d

Excellent product! Installed the Fast Road Map and there is a very noticeable increase in performance. The car is a lot quicker and just keeps pulling all the way up the revs. The device itself is quick and easy to use. Once I received the new maps, they were uploaded to the car in less than 10 mins. Highly recommended.

Eoin :: Jul 08 2013, 22:43 PM

STB with my A4 2.7TDI

see link

Michael :: Nov 04 2011, 11:04 AM

st3 self tune box

Very easy to install and instant results, very pleased and now have a very nippy polo gt diesel, thank you for a fast service and good product.

david pickles :: Oct 19 2010, 19:21 PM

Self Tuning 3

I have had to remaps before on other VAG cars so I knew what to expect. This systems allows the freedom to remap and set to back to original in the comfort of your own garage. The ECO & Race files were emailed to me within a few hours of sending my cars original ECU file. It certainly was a simple process to follow. I was not disappointed once the car had the new remap file loaded the change was incredible. And I have to say as good as my previous remaps. I did have a couple of issues during the process but the team at FR&R sorted it all out in 5 minutes.

Anonymous :: Jun 25 2010, 08:14 AM

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