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Forge Hi-Flow Carbon Fibre Airbox for Audi C7 RS6 RS7 and S6 S7

£1,149.98 (inc VAT)

Manufacturer: Forge Motorsport

Product Information

FMINDK9 Forge Hi-Flow Carbon Fibre Airbox for Audi C7 RS6 RS7 and S6 S7

Forge Motorsport are excited to launch our new RS6 Carbon Fibre Air Box. It is the first product to be released in our new ‘Hi-Flow’ range.

With this unique sleek design, you can expect to see a carbon fibre housing that flows beautifully along the engine bay, giving you more horse power and torque, and hopefully an appreciation for the care and time that has gone into the production. 


  • The carbon fibre parts were created from a mould that was hand finished and refined by one of our many skilled craftsmen at Forge Motorsport HQ in Gloucestershire, England. 

  • Made from military grade foam the smooth, flowing edges were created. 

  • The plug was finalized and a 3D scan was taken enabling us to start the long process of developing the billet tooling for manufacturing.

Once the initial carbon fibre sample was developed we fitted the intake to the Audi development vehicle for rigorous testing, we made a few small changes to ensure we provide our customers with the best possible fitment and performance. 

With the design process done we wanted to be sure we delivered the best quality product we could and following the extensive design and development of this intake, we enlisted the services of one the worlds leading carbon fibre manufacturers, whose products range from F1 aero, carbon fibre car bodies and aircraft wings! 

  • Rather than using a vacuum (also known as liquid infusion) to draw the resin through the mould then pulling the raw carbon fibre cloth to the mould shape, a technique known as Autoclave is used in the manufacturing of this beautifully designed product. This involves the use of up to 10bar of pressure that is blown into a 100% billet mould to force the material out. This high amount of pressure ensures the carbon fibre is fully in contact with the surface of the mould. 

  • Therefore, making sure the weave is tight, solid and strong; this process will also ensure there are no imperfections in the product.

  • The mould is then heated to cure the resin which in turn gives a tensile strength up to 8x stronger than mild steel but at a fraction of the weight .

  • All the Forge Motorsport hoses supplied in this Hi-Flow intake have been designed with 4 layers of ply. 

In the development of this intake we also created our own custom molds for the Forge silicone hoses. This allows for the ease of fitting and transition of flow throughout the air box internal surface.

  • The construction of the silicon has been engineered to exceed that of OEM fitments and will enhance any engine bay, both technically and aesthetically.

  • The marine grade stainless-steel clamps we supply greatly exceed the OEM plastic clamps. The easily adjustable hex head on them makes for accurate location and easy fitment. 


Having spent so much time on the carbon and silicon development we then turned to equally important aspect of filtration.  We engaged our partners and experts in Filtration Control, Pipercross. 


With over 25 years experience in both the domestic and motorsport market they recommended a multi-layer foam construction filter, these filters work  perfectly in  our ‘Hi-Flow’ range.  The large filter provided flows 30% more air than the stock filter and fits snuggly within the housing. 

The Carbon Fibre surround makes certain that cold, flowing air is directed through the intake.  This vastly reduces the amount of ambient (warm) air being taken into the system. 

A completely standard vehicle was sourced for the final dyno testing.

The Forge High Flow airbox produced an impressive 12bhp and 20ftlb increase!

This can be seen in the dyno graph below where the colour blue represents the RS6 with a standard intake and the red representing the same vehicle with our Forge Motorsport ‘Hi-Flow’ intake.

On stage 2 cars we have seen gains of nearly twice this compared to the standard OEM filter.

In The Box:

x1 Forge Motorsport Hi-Flow, carbon fibre intake surround

x1 Pipercross air filter

x1 Meguiar’s Premium Gold Class Liquid Wax Sachet and Forge Motorsport Micro Fibre Cloth

x1 Silicone Hose (Connecting the Air Box)

x2 Silicone Couplers for Audi RS6/RS6

x2 Silicone Couplers for Audi S6/S7

x1 USB with both video and written installation instructions. 


Product Code: FMINDK9

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